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4 Tips for Choosing Your Best Grill in 2024

Spring is the perfect time to start getting your outdoor space ready for all of your summertime and year-round activities. If you are in the process of determining which grill to choose for your backyard cooking needs, there are a few key elements to consider. Discount Pools Direct is here to help our customers choose the best backyard grill setup for their outdoor entertainment needs. Learn more about consideration factors when determining which grill is right for you. 

Grill Fuel Type

Barbecue grills are available in a variety of fuel types. The fuel you choose for your grill depends on several elements. Different fuel types provide different flavors for your meals as well as a variety of cooking nuances. Choosing the right fuel type for your grill is primarily based on personal preference, depending on your comfort level with certain fuel types and preferred flavor profiles. Grill fuel styles include:

  • Charcoal
  • Propane or Natural Gas
  • Electric
  • Pellet 

Outdoor Grill Space 

Your outdoor space is one factor to consider when selecting which grill is best for you. The number of people you typically cook for, where you will be using your grill, and how much storage space you have are all factors to account for when choosing your grill. Beyond physical space, it is also essential to consider the cooking capacity you’ll need and what foods you’ll be preparing. 

Grill Special Features

Depending on your cooking habits for your grill, you should look into some of the unique features each grill offers. When contemplating which special features may benefit you, consider your grill placement, such as in an outdoor kitchen or poolside for your summertime gatherings. Some common grill special features include:

  • Temperature control
  • Side burner
  • Warming rack
  • Rotisserie
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Magnetic bamboo cutting boards

Grill Budget

From an easy-to-use, affordable Traeger Pro Series 22 to a professional-grade, versatile Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 RSBI, when choosing a grill, shoppers must consider various factors when setting a budget for their outdoor grill. Our customers are also invited to inquire about grill financing on select grills. When creating a budget, some of the grill elements to consider include:

  • Brand preferences
  • Size and quantities of foods being cooked
  • Any desired special features
  • Maintenance costs 
  • Fuel costs

Ready to Start Shopping for Your Backyard Grill?

Are you ready to shop for the grill that best suits your outdoor space and entertainment needs? Start shopping for the barbecue grill that is right for you with Discount Pools Direct. We proudly offer our shoppers varied inventory to accommodate your outdoor grilling needs, including popular bands such as Napoleon and Traeger. If you want to purchase your grill on finance, please get in touch with our team to learn more about your options or check out our finance page. Check out our inventory of grills today. 

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