33'x54" Round Diamond Star Above Ground Pool


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33'x54" Round Diamond Star Above Ground Pool

When designing our top of the line Diamond Star pool, we combined the best in technology and materials to create a high quality, affordable pool. Over the years we have listened to our customers and made upgrades to this pool to keep up with changes in the industry and customer expectations. This pool is offered with a 54” aluminum wall, resin bottom track, top ledges, top caps and bottom connectors (boots). The packages are offered with high quality accessories including a 2hp-2sp pump and cartridge filter system, which filters more debris than the sand filter systems. With the combined gray tones and larger components, the Diamond Star pool will be a luxurious addition to your backyard.

One-piece Aluminum Wall
Weather Resistant Polyester Base Paint plus Clear Krystal Kote on outside of wall - locks out corrosion, discoloration and dirt
Liquilock Epoxy Wall Backer on inside of wall to prevent condensation buildup
54" Wall Height
11" extra-wide Resin injected Top Seat (radius)
9" Multi-faceted, patterned, Krystal Kote sealed Steel Uprights
Two-Piece injection molded high impact Resin Caps- two tone accent
Interlocking Steel Stabilizer bars
Heavy Duty Injection molded Resin Bottom Track*
Snap-In one-piece Resin Bottom Cuff (no hardware)
Resin accent "grill" clips snap into bottom cuffs and top caps
Pool wall and frame are gray tones in color
Lifetime manufacturers warranty with three-year full warranty
Available in Round and Oval Sizes
All Diamond Star round pools require a minimum of one foot clearance around pool
Oval Pools have a Yardmore/Narrow Yard Space Saving Design and require 18" clearance on each side
All prices include shipping
Installation not included
Made in the USA
*12'x24' Oval Pool has an Aluminum Track due to radius
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Type Overlap Liners
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Round Pool Size 33' Round
Oval Pool Size N/A
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