18'x33'x52" Oval Paradise Above Ground Pool


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18'x33'x52" Oval Paradise Above Ground Pool
The Paradise pool works great if you are looking to replace an existing pool or if you are a first-time pool buyer. The top seats are made of a resin material so they will not get hot when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. We have pre-set some packages to give you a starting point when determining what you need or want in your customized package. If you are a new pool buyer you will at least need the standard package. This package has what you need to get your pool up and running. Our packages are offered at discounted rates and we offer upgraded pricing so you can make changes to your packages or add any items not included.
  • One piece Aluminum Wall
  • Weather Resistant Polyester Base Paint plus Clear Krystal Kote on outside of wall - locks out corrosion, discoloration and dirt
  • Liquilock Epoxy Wall Backer on inside of wall to prevent condensation buildup
  • 52" Wall Height
  • 8" wide injection molded Resin Top Seat 
  • 7" Multi-faceted Steel Uprights
  • Sculpted Two-Piece injection molded high impact Resin Caps
  • Interlocking Steel Stabilizer bars
  • Heavy Duty 1" Steel Bottom Track
  • One-Piece injection molded Resin Boots for easy set
  • Pool wall and frame is a tan/taupe color
  • 60 year manufacturers warranty with one-year full warranty
  • Available in Round and Oval Sizes
  • All Paradise pools require a minimum of one foot clearance around pool 
  • Oval Pools have Yardmore/Narrow Yard space saving design
  • All prices include shipping  
  • Installation not included
  • Made in the USA
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Oval Pool Size 18' X 33' Ovals
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