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Tropical Springs

The Tropical Springs pool combines steel and resin pieces along with a one-piece aluminum wall to create an amazing pool, at a price, families can afford. The manufacturer anti-corrosion sealant, on the components of the pool to allow for durability.  It is assembled with a steel frame to support the aluminum wall and is finished with high end resin pieces to blend the silver and gray tones together and create a pool, families will enjoy together for years to come.This pool is Saltwater Friendly. This beautifully designed pool wall will enhance the look of any backyard.  

 Available in Round and Oval sizes.



  • Beautifully crafted 7” resin top rails and 7” resin verticals in a silver-tone.
  • 52” Alulminum pool wall
  • Steel bottom track and top rim
  • 30 mil Unibead Neptune Liner
  • Corrugated pool wall for flexibility and vertical strength.
  • Staggered bolt wall closure provides maximum strength and wall stability.
  • Compac strap supports on all ovals.
  • 60 year Manufactuer Warranty - with one year full 
  • Wide mouth skimmer knockout and eyeball return openings eliminate sharp edges that could cut the liner during installation.
  • Made in the USA.
Prices Starting At $2,099.00

Tropical Springs

Round Pools
Pool Size Pool Pricing
18' Round


21' Round


24' Round


27' Round


30' Round


Oval Pools
12' X 24' Ovals


16' X 28' Ovals


18' X 34' Ovals


1. How do I know if I have all my parts?

A week to 10 days before beginning installation you need to verify you have all your parts. All pool boxes should be opened and compared to the packing list to verify nothing is missing or damaged. Parts list are included on the CD in your pool box, the packing list within each box and are listed in this section.

2. How do I install my pool?

You can contact an installer in your area or install the pool yourself. However, if you are considering installing the pool yourself, please review both the manual instructions and installation video in this section. We do not offer installation or installation advice, you are purchasing the kit only.

3. How do I hook up my pump and filter system?

You can connect all the hoses and unions that come with your system (seen below) or you can hard plumb the system (in the next section).

4. How do I hard plumb my pump and filter system?

To hard plumb your pump and filter system you will need to purchase some items from a local hardware store:

  • PVC pipe
  • Elbow joints
  • Flow-thru valves
  • Glue

You will need to cut the PVC pipe to fit between the parts, and then make the connections as shown below.

5. How do I install my overlap liner?

To install your overlap liner follow the directions that came in your liner box, use the directions below as a reference.

6. How do I install my J-hook liner?

Use the directions that come in your liner box and in your pool instructions, use the instructions below as a reference.

7. How do I use my unibead/j-hook liner in a bead receiver?

If you are using a unibead liner, these liners can be hooked on the wall or you can remove the J portion on the top of the liner and then feed the bead that is on the liner into the bead receiver. We do not sell bead receivers. Also, if you are installing a replacment liner make sure your bead receiver is in good condition or the liner could slip out when the water is added.

8. How do I install my skimmer and return?

When your liner is installed, you need to fill the pool with 1-2 feet of water before cutting installing your skimmer and return. In addtion you do not want to cut the hole in the liner until the skimmer plate and backside are installed and you cut on the inside of the skimmer.

9. How do I balance the water in my pool?

Once your pool is filled for the first time or you finish adding water when you open your pool in the spring, you can take a water sample to a local pool store and get them to test your water and tell you what you need to add or you can use the test kit that was provided to determine what needs to be added before you start your chemical maintenance program. All water should be checked and balanced before any chlorine or salt is added.

10. How do I close my pool?

You will need a closing chemical kit and a winter cover.

Installation Videos

OVAL installation video

ROUND installation video

Pre-assembly for TRADITIONAL BUTTRESS supports

Pre-assembly for BUTTRESS-FREE supports