Imagine this: the sun is out, the water is warm, and you are ready to start your afternoon with a

dip in the pool. Sound great, right? Not too fast! Don't be so sure your pool is always ready for

swimmers at this time of the year. Routine pool care is essential for maintaining the health of

your pool and those who swim in it. Prepare to dive in with us as we guide you through some

pool care tips and tricks.

Summertime is the time of year when pool use is at its highest; however, it is also the time of

year that demands more attention for routine maintenance. During the summer months, we

experience a whole range of weather conditions that harm pool chemicals: high heat,

thunderstorms, rain, etc. We also bring bacteria into our pools when we jump in! This presents a

problem for us: the more we enjoy our pools on hot summer days, the greater risk we have of

throwing off our pools’ chemicals.

Maintaining proper chlorine levels is crucial for helping to fight bacteria and keep your pool

healthy. Summer weather can often dilute chlorine levels in your pool, and our presence in the

pools adds unwanted bacteria. Do you see why it is important to perform routine maintenance?

Don’t worry; we are here to make your life easier. We are going to give you 5 tips for pool

maintenance that will help keep you and your pool healthy.

5 Tips to be Successful with Your Pool Chemicals

1. Routine is Key

2. Beware of the Weather

3. Defend Against Algae

4. Pump it Up!

5. Check Your Trunks

5 Tips to be Successful with Your Pool Chemicals

Routine is Key:

Routine is the key to ensuring that your pool stays clean and pristine. Pick one time and day of

the week to routinely check your pool chemicals. You should add chlorine at least once every 7

days to ensure that the chlorine levels stay between 1-3 ppm (parts per million).

Beware the Weather:

Did you know that the sun can evaporate chlorine from your pool? Keep this in mind on those

fun and especially hot summer days. Rainwater can also dilute the chlorine levels in your pool,

leading to the growth of bacteria. So, be sure to check your pool chemicals with test strips on

these special weather days and then add the chemicals needed.

Defend Against Algae:

Algae is the enemy of a healthy pool. Be sure to add preventative algaecide once a week to

help your pool fight off algae before it gets there! We recommend that you add algaecide after

chlorine so that you can add everything you need all at once! Just be sure to read the algaecide

label carefully and follow the directions.

Pump It Up:

Look, we get it; running your pump more causes your electric bill to go up, but you should know

that algae and bacteria thrive in still environments. Also, in order for your chemicals to work,

your pool must be well circulated. We recommend that you run the pump 24/7 but we know

money can be an issue, so be sure to run it as much as possible.

Check Your Trunks:

Many people jump into a pool after getting into a lake, river, or ocean. But, did you know that

you can transport bacteria from the bodies of water to your pool? Bacteria travels from one

place to another through your swimsuits! Next time you make this transition, just be sure to rinse

off or change suits before you jump into the pool.

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