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Saltwater Compatible



This Paradise-Saltwater Friendly pool now comes with a resin bottom track, aluminum top stabilizer rim and resin top plates to prevent rust or corrosion on the parts of the frame that are in constant contact with the salt water. Families are moving more to Salt-Friendly pools and enjoying the benefits all summer long. When using salt instead of chlorine swimmers are able to reduce red eyes, dry skin and brittle hair. If you choose to use salt, don’t forget to add our new Saltron Salt systems to your package. The Reliant is installed in-line with the filtration system and will fit into your budget.

Key Features

  • 52″ Aluminum Pool Wall
  • 8″ Wide Resin Top Seat
  • 7″ Steel Uprights
  • 60-Year Manufacturer Warranty – 1-Year Full Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Liner and Skimmer Included

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