Deck Ladder

The Pro-Series ladder incorporates a sturdy structure which allows swimmers to enter and exit your pool with ease and comfort. This ladder is a great choice for most above ground swimming pools and can be easily installed on any swimming pool deck. In addition to an affordable price this ladder offers you safety and durability. 

  • Straight up and Down in pool style
  • Does not require barrier behind ladder
  • Weight Capacity of 250 pounds
  • Durable construction offers excellent strength and sturdiness
  • Easy to install 
  • Fits pool decks 46" - 56" in height
  • Wide rungs adds to adds to the durability and safety

A-Frame Ladder

Our Slide-Lock a-frame ladder is designed for strength and ease of entry-exit of your pool.  It is manufactured from maintenance free resin and is assembled with stainless steel hardware for years of worry-free use. Simply slide the exterior portion of the ladder up and lock, when pool is not in use.

  • Rigid frame to eliminate racking
  • Fully adjustable, on both sides, from 48" to 56" in height.
  • Includes a entrapment barrier for safety
  • Slide-lock ladder design allows the outside section of ladder section to be raised and locked in place (lock not included)
  • Weight capacity 300 pounds (one person)
  • All treads and platform have anti-skid surfaces
  • Platform is 18" wide x 11" deep
  • Double extended handrail on both sides to assit in entry and exit of pool

Smart Step

The smart step provides a comfortable entry and exit from your above ground pool and is TO BE USED WITH A DECK, picture shows ladder entry from the outstide which is included with the Smart Step System Only. If you do not have a deck you will need to purchase the smart step system. The superior strength-to-weight performance, stability and easy assembly make this step the leader among the above ground swimming pool step systems! Photo is shown with Smartlite, this item can be ordered separately.

  • 24" Step Width for sturdy entry
  • Flow-Thru design allow for improved water circulation in preventing algae
  • Features No-Swim Zone
  • Adjustable for 48"- 54" Pools
  • Platform measures 17" x 12"
  • 1 Handrail for assisted entry
  • Measures 36" into the pool
  • Weight limit 250 pounds (one person)

Easy Entry Step

Our premium Easy Entry Step with its superior strength and wider steps is ideal for families, larger swimmers and the physically challenged. The easy entry step provides a comfortable entry and exit from your above ground pool and is TO BE USED WITH A DECK. If you do not currently have a deck you will need to order our EASY ENTRY SYSTEM, which includes the ladder on the outside of the pool.

  • 36" tread steps offer easy entry
  • Handrails on both sides provide additional support when entering or exiting the pool
  • No-Swim Zone behind the steps as a safety feature
  • Flow-Thru design to allow water to flow behind the step
  • Easy Entry System offers a swing up and lift-and-lock safety feature on the outside ladder
  • Weight limit 250 pounds (one person)



Smart Step

Smart Step System

Easy Entry Step

Easy Entry System