Pumps and Filters

Waterway 1.5 HP Pump

waterway pump.jpg

This Waterway pump is specifically designed to provide superior and efficient performance with above ground swimming pools. This super-quiet swimming pool pump incorporates the latest technology in design, testing and construction for reliable service. The pump is ideal for new installations or as a replacement pump.

  • Easy installation
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance
  • High flow rate for faster filtering cycles
  • One piece molded pump body for and non-corrosive durability 
  • Wet end can be rotated for easy installation
  • Large 6" pump trap with one-piece clear lid 
  • The closed impeller optimizes pump performance to deliver the power you need for your above ground swimming pool
  • NEMA 3' cord included - fits 110V 3 prong recepticle

Waterway 22" Sand Filter

clearWater_sand_filter.m.jpgKeeping dirt, sand, leaves and other materials out of your above ground swmming pool is a must to maintain its beauty, condition and clarity. The Waterway Sand Filter is designed to do just that, by passing swimming pool water through a specially graded sand that traps dirt and debris, enhancing straining capacity. This filter is an excellent choice for above ground swimming pools.

  • Seven-Function top mount Valve for maximum control over the filter system
  • Full flow, self-cleaning laterals with large surface area for max flow -55 GPM
  • Durable roto-molded spherical tank body - evenly distributes pressure resulting in greater strength and longer life of the filter
  • Corrosion-Proof body
  • High Flow internal diffuser for even water distribution
  • Mounting base included
  • Dimensions: 37" height, 23" base, 22" diameter of filter
  • Requires: 150lbs of sand (not included) 

Waterway 1.5 HP Pump and 22" Sand Filter System

sand system new.jpgComplete Filtration system includes the high performance Waterway Hi-Flow 1-1/2hp Pump and 22 inch Sand Filter. Matched components and high flow rate performance allows pool turnover rate to be 6-8 hours and will give the homeowner years of dependability. The one piece molded pump body uses state of the art engineering to evenly distribute the pressure resulting in greater strength and longer filter life.

  • Pump designed for reduced noice and non-corrosive durability
  • The Spherical Tank is abrasion proof and non-corrosive
  • Includes hoses and mounting base for pump and filter 
  • 7-Function Multi-Port Valve included - for maximum control
  • 1-1/2 inch drain port on filter
  • High Flow internal diffuser for even water distribution
  • Requires 150lbs of sand (not included)

Waterway 2HP 2SP pump

waterway pump.jpgThe Waterway 2hp 2sp above ground pump is designed for efficiency and superior performance. The one piece molded pump body uses state of the art engineering for reduced noise and non-corrosive durability. The pump features high flow rate performance for faster filtering cycles. This pump is perfect for new systems or can be used as a replacement pump. 

  • Toggle switch on pump hi/lo/off - adjusts flow rate 
  • Included are 1-1/2 inch inlet and outlet couplings
  • Large basket with one piece clear lid for easy inspection - twist off
  • Powerful discharge
  • Faster cycling times for high flow performance
  • Wet end can be rotated for easy installation
  • Includes 3' NEMA Cord -Fits 110V 3 prong receptacles

Waterway 125sqft Cartridge Filter

cartridge filter housing new.jpgThe Waterway cartridge filter tank allows pool water to pass through a 125sqft filter within the unit. This cartridge filter will filter the water 5 to 1 better than the average sand filter. The Cartridge Filter incorporates wide-body filtration elements to give maximum filtration without sacrificing flow rate. The unit features the Safety Lock Ring system to ensure safe operation and easy maintenance.

  • Allows easy access to the filter for regular cleaning and replacement
  • Unit has a large filtration area, maintains a small footprint and high flow rate
  • Durable polymer filter tank
  • Includes hoses and hardware, base, and 125sq ft cartridge
  • 1-1/2" clean out drain
  • Flush mounted stainless steel pressure gauge
  • Low profile air relief plug
  • Heavy duty lid handle

Waterway 2hp 2sp Pump and 125sqft Cartridge Filter System

cartridge filter system new.jpgThe high performance Waterway Hi-Flo pump and Cartridge Filter System provides homeowners everything they need to get their system up and running. The cartridge system filters 5:1 better then a sand filter system. The reduced noise swimming pool pump incorporates the latest technology in design, testing and construction for reliable service. The filter is designed to allow swimming pool water to pass through a specifically selected filter cartridge enhancing straining capacity.

  • Large filtration, small footprint cartridge filter
  • Hi-Flo High Performance Dual Speed Pump
  • Flush mounted pressure gauge
  • Safety Lock Ring system to insure safe operation and easy maintenance
  • Hoses, base, hardware and 125sq ft cartridge included

125 sq ft Cartridge Replacement Filter

Depending on your water quality and how much debris is removed from your water during the filtration cycle, filters should be removed from the tank and cleaned every 2-4 weeks. Properly maintained filters have a life up to 2 seasons. Dimensions: 9 inches x 9 inches x 23 inches (will fit cartridge tanks purchased from us).

Flower Fountain

flower-fountain.jpgOur Flower Blossom Fountain adds a lovely display of cascading water into your pool. Its unique design allows it to be easily attached to your pool's existing return fitting - so no electricity or batteries are needed.

  • Adjustable spray height and angle
  • Installs in minutes
  • Does not interfere with filter operation
  • Includes fountain head, rigid 1.5" PVC pipe and plumbing attachment
  • Fits both above ground and inground pools