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Choosing Saltwater vs Chlorine System for Your Above-Ground Pool

In the heat of summer, you can cool down and relax in your own backyard with an above-ground pool. From simple installation to versatility in location, choosing an above-ground pool is a great option for shoppers in the market for a pool. Once you’ve decided to pursue the purchase of an above-ground pool, it’s time to choose which water sanitation system you’re comfortable with for your pool.

Beyond keeping your pool clean for swimmers, a proper sanitation system is vital to preventing the growth of bacteria, keeping the water clear, and reducing bacteria levels. There are a range of options for keeping your pool clean and running smoothly, however, chlorine and saltwater systems are two of the most common. Discount Pools Direct is here to equip our customers with the knowledge you need to choose the system that best suits their needs and lifestyle.

Chlorine System for Your Above-Ground Pool

A chlorine pool is likely the system shoppers are most familiar with. A chlorine pool is a great option for customers looking for an above-ground pool with a lower startup cost. Additionally, the chemicals in a chlorine pool won’t corrode your pool’s lining and accessories. A chlorine system is simple to maintain and chlorine provides lasting protection to your pool after it has been introduced to the water. Due to the lack of corrosion associated with chlorine pool systems, buyers will need to replace major pool parts less frequently.

Above-Ground Pool Saltwater System

While both systems utilize chlorine, saltwater pools do allow for lower levels of chlorine to be used while keeping your above-ground pool clean. For shoppers looking to use their pool daily, a saltwater pool may be a great decision. A saltwater pool, due to its lower chlorine content, is less likely to cause eye and skin irritation or to discolor hair and swimsuits. Saltwater pools also contain fewer chemicals overall. Over time, saltwater systems are cost-effective to maintain. After the initial startup cost of purchasing the salt system generator, a saltwater pool is lower in price to maintain than a chlorine pool.

Saltwater-Friendly Pool Options

Discount Pools Direct is proud to offer our customers options in pool size, shape, and cleaning systems. Check out our saltwater-friendly models, including:

Choose the Above Ground Pool That’s Right for You

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