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What's Included

  • Pool Wall and Frame
  • Skimmer
  • Swirl Tile Overlap
  • Waterway 1.5HP Pump With 22” Sand Filter
  • Ocean Blue A-Frame Ladder
  • Maintenance Kit

33’x52″ Keywest – Steel Wall with Access Panel, Steel Top Seats, Rim and Track

Recently reduced! Monthly payments start at $75/mo for 36mos! Our Keywest is part of Wilbar International’s 2nd Generation line of pools. It is a steel pool with a steel wall-saver panel incorporated into the design. Rust and corrosion can occur when exposed metal is in contact with water on a regular basis. The 4’ panel is made so if there is a problem with rust you only would need to replace the panel. The panel is solid gray in color and combined with the gray resin bottom supports and top caps it will make a great addition to your backyard. Please note that only one row of wall bolts will be behind an upright.
  • Steel Wall with Gray Wall Saver Panel
  • Weather Resistant Polyester Base Paint plus Clear Krystal Kote on outside of wall – locks out corrosion, discoloration and dirt
  • Liquilock Epoxy Wall Backer on inside of wall to prevent condensation buildup
  • 52″ Wall Height
  • 7″ wide Steel Top Seat with polyester coating
  • 6″ Multi-faceted Steel Uprights
  • Two-Piece injection molded high impact Resin Caps
  • Interlocking Steel Stabilizer bars
  • Heavy Duty Steel Bottom Track
  • One-Piece injection molded Resin Foot Collar/bottom Connector Combination
  • Pool wall and frame is a gray color
  • 40 year manufacturers warranty with two-year full warranty
  • Available in Round and Oval Sizes
  • All round pools require a minimum of one foot clearance around pool
  • Oval Pools have buttress supports – requires three foot clearance on each side, one foot around ends
  • All pool prices include shipping
  • Installation not includedMade in the USA

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The Pristine Blue Pool Start Up Kit contains everything you need to get your chlorine pool started on Pristine Blue Pool Chemical.

Chlorine-Free Pool Treatment
You’ve got better things to do with your free time than worry, on a daily basis, about the condition and appearance of your swimming pool. Use PristineBlue® in your pool and forget about it.

The long-lasting formula of PristineBlue® lets you escape the chore of daily water testing and maintenance. With PristineBlue®, you’ll follow the simple maintenance program just once every 2 weeks.

PristineBlue® is perhaps the most cost-effective way to treat your pool because every drop of PristineBlue® goes to work controlling algae and suppressing bacteria. PristineBlue® doesn’t dissipate or degrade in sunlight like chlorine. Its levels are reduced only as it works against algae and bacteria in your water. Over the course of a swim season, PristineBlue®costs about the same or less than chlorine.

Water treated with PristineBlue® feels softer and looks inviting without a chemical taste or odor. It’s gentle to equipment and won’t bleach your liner or swimsuit. You can swim immediately after application. Your eyes won’t burn. . . and you won’t believe how good your skin and hair feel after swimming.

Pool Covers

Winter covers are an absolute must when closing your pool after the swimming season. They protect your pool from debris collecting in the pool and damaging your liner, along with rain water/snow adding to your water level and destroying your chemical balance.

Solar Covers collect the sun’s rays and transfer the heat to your pool water, then it helps reduce decreasing temperatures and water evaporation while saving you time and money on pool maintenance. A swimming pool solar cover is a great investment, reducing costs without giving up the comfort or cleanliness of your pool’s water.

Make sure you select the same size as your pool!

Heavy Duty Solar Covers only ship with pool orders.

Ladders And Steps

Ocean Blue Steps not for use with soft sided pools

  • Outside Treads swing-up and lock upright for safety and security (Padlock Included)
  • 18” x 4” Anti-slip Treads
  • Features Anti-entrapment Barrier
  • Extra large Anti-slip Platform
  • Adjustable height for pools 48” to 56” tall
  • Meets all current ANSI/APSP standards
  • Maximum weight limit 300 lbs.
  • Full one-year warranty
  • No sand or bricks required; ladder fills with water
  • Minimal hardware for easy assembly

The 24” Smart Step System combines Main Access’ Smart Steps with its Smart Choice Entry Ladder for a heavy-duty pool entry solution.

  • BUILT-TO-LAST: Made of high-quality, heavy-duty, corrosion-proof material, the Smart Step System provides superior comfort, strength-to-weight performance, durability and safety.
  • UNIQUE SAFETY FEATURES: Adjustable for 48 to 54 inch pools, the Smart Step Entry System features four 24 inch steps with a flow-through step design, no swim zone, and swing up and lift-and-lock safety feature.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY & INSTALLATION: Includes everything you need to assemble and install.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Main Access Pool Entry Systems and Ladders come with a One-Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • EXTRA WIDE ENTRY SYSTEM. The 36” Easy Entry Step and Smart Choice Ladder combination provides a premium, comfortable experience entering and exiting Above Ground Pools.
  • MAXIMUM STABILITY: Compatible with pools up to 54” inches in height. Use 2-3 Main Access Anchor Pool Weights for maximum stability.
  • UNIQUE SAFETY FEATURES: Adjustable dual handrails allow swimmer to pull themselves up with ease – while the no-swim zone and innovative swing-up lift-and-lock ladder prevent pool access if need while offering the safest swim experience possible.
  • BUILT TO LAST; EASY TO INSTALL: Made of structural grade Resin – Main Access’
  • Easy Entry Step System meets or exceeds current code requirements for swimming pool entry systems, in-pool steps, and ladders.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Main Access Pool Entry Systems and Ladders come with a One-Year Warranty.

Easy Incline ladder offers an ultra-sturdy and comfortable pool entry experience with adjustable aluminum handrails.

  • BUILT-TO-LAST: Main Access Easy Incline Ladder offers superior strength-to-weight performance and durability for dependable and comfortable pool entry and exit, year after year.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE & INSTALL: Made of high-impact, corrosion-proof Resin, Easy Incline Ladders come complete with Deck Flanges and Hardware for quick and easy installation.
  • ADJUSTABLE & VERSATILE: With extra-high adjustable handrails, the Easy Incline Ladder can be customized to fit 48-54-inch pools.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Main Access Ladder comes with a One-Year Warranty.

Coving / Pool Pad / Wall Foam

Pool pad helps prevent damage to your liner from debris working up through the sand base. It gives you a flat, easy to clean bottom while it acts as an insulator reducing heat loss. Our pool pad is ¼” thick and comes in a 4 foot roll. You roll the pad over the sand base and tape the seams together. It is easy to install.

Pool Wall Foam protects against punctures to your pool liner. Create a smooth wall surface with this closed-cell foam padding that helps prevent rust, corrosion and other wall degradation. It keeps your liner looking like new for years to come. Wall foam is a 1/8″ thick foam and it comes in a 4 foot roll. Use spray adhesive (not included) to install it and it will protect your liner from constant friction against your pool wall, preventing tears or punctures.


This light can be installed during pool or after pool installation. It installs quickly without any hardware and contains an energy-saving rechargeable LED light. The light can be used with all Main Access Steps. One light can illuminate most pools. The universal remote allows you to control the 24 color options. Two hours of charge gives you 8 hours of enjoyment.

Manufacturer Warranty – 6 months.

Waterway automatic chlorinators provide a safe and reliable pool sanitation system. The In-Line Chlorine Feeder is the economical way to automatically sanitize your swimming pool without the hassle of adding chlorine daily. This is a fully adjustable in-line pool chlorinator. It easily installs to most swimming pool filter systems between the filter and return opening. This unit fits directly on waterway filters using the included attachments. Easy to use, just add chlorine tablets to the unit, then start the flow of water.

Our Flower Blossom Fountain adds a lovely display of cascading water into your pool. Its unique design allows it to be easily attached to your pool’s existing return fitting – so no electricity or batteries are needed.


  • Adjustable spray height and angle
  • Installs in minutes
  • Does not interfere with filter operation
  • Includes fountain head, rigid 1.5″ PVC pipe, and plumbing attachment
  • Fits both above ground and inground pools

Pool Cleaning

The Surfer Suction Side Pool Cleaner is economical and an automatic option for cleaning an above-ground pool of any size (will not work with soft-sided, inflatable, or Intex pools). This easy-to-use automatic vacuum requires no tools to assemble and hooks your existing skimmer system.


1. Separate hose sections after use to prevent damage to hose during storage.
2. Prime hose before vacuum will create suction.

The Polaris 65 above-ground pool automatic cleaner provides efficient cleaning and eliminates the need for manual vacuuming. It loosens debris in hard-to-reach places using powerful jets of water against the pool floor and traps large debris in its own filter bag before they clog your filter. It installs in minutes and is suitable for all above-ground pools up to 5 feet deep. The Polaris 65 operates with your existing pump and filtration
systems. It is powered by the pressure of clean water returning to your pool leaving both the filter and skimmer free to eliminate contaminants.

Cosmy robots are equipped with two-stage planetary gear technology and a drive system that offers greater efficiency and better precision. A whole lot of technology packed into less than 13 lbs.The cleaner travels around your pool and with the powerful suction it works fast to reduces cleaning cycles, consume less energy and yields flawless results. Easy to use connect the power cord, the control box and the cleaner. Lower it into the pool and turn it on, the results are amazing.

Filter Systems

Complete Filtration system includes the high-performance Waterway Hi-Flow 1hp Pump and 22-inch Sand Filter. Matched components and high flow rate performance allow the pool turnover rate to be 6-8 hours and will give the homeowner years of dependability. The one-piece molded pump body uses state-of-the-art engineering to evenly distribute the pressure resulting in greater strength and longer filter life.

  • Pump designed for reduced noise and non-corrosive durability
  • Flow rate is approximately 40GPM recommended for pools up to 17,500 gallons
  • The Spherical Tank is abrasion-proof and non-corrosive
  • Includes hoses and mounting base for pump and filter
  • 7-Function Multi-Port Valve included – for maximum control
  • 1-1/2 inch drain port on filter
  • High Flow internal diffuser for even water distribution
  • Requires 150lbs of sand (not included)

The AquaPro highly effective cartridge filter will clean your pool down to 20 microns capacity compared to standard sand filters which filter down to 50 microns. The compact design, along with maximum filtering capability, will reduce the maintenance time needed and make your pool look amazing! The PurFlo Series above-ground two-speed pump introduces the above-ground pool user with unparalleled quiet performance, extended motor life, and outstanding flow to keep pools clean.

  • Corrosion-resistant, Reinforced Thermoplastic Tank for Maximum Durability and Long Life
  • EZ-Read Pressure Gauge For Fast Assessment
  • Brass Insert To Prevent Cross-Threading and Cracking
  • 1/2 Turn, Secure-n-lock Seal for Quick and Easy Access
  • Easy Plumb Large Drain Plug For Fast Installation
  • Universally Compatible NPT Set Up For Hassle-Free Installation and Repairs
  • TEFC Motor Technology with exterior fan for efficient motor cooling
  • Flow rate is approximately 75GPM recommended for pools up to 26,000 gallons
  • Self-priming design
  • Oversized strainer basket to collect debris and avoid extra maintenance
  • 6-foot three-prong cord
  • ETL and CSA approved for safety
  • Amazingly quiet operation

AquaPro high-rate sand filter offers leading-edge technology for unparalleled efficiency, flow & serviceability. The seven-position operating valve provides simple operation and dependability. The robust slotted laterals with rotational design allow for simple installation and outstanding performance. The PurFlo Series above-ground two-speed pump introduces the above-ground pool user with unparalleled quiet performance, extended motor life, and outstanding flow to keep pools clean.

  • 2hp pump with 19″ Sand filter for sizes 15′ round up to 27′ round, 12’x24′ oval up to 15’x30′ Oval, 150lbs of sand not included
  • Flange clamp Design allows for 360 rotation and simple plumbing
  • Extra deep sand bed for long filter runs
  • Corrosion-proof filter tank for years of dependability
  • Thermoplastic base for quick installation
  • Drain valve for easy maintenance
  • Requires 300 lbs of sand (not included)
  • TEFC Motor Technology with exterior fan for efficient motor cooling
  • Flow rate is approximately 75GPM recommended for pools up to 26,000 gallons
  • Oversized strainer basket to collect debris and avoid extra maintenance
  • 6-foot three-prong cord
  • ETL and CSA approved for safety
  • Amazingly quiet operation

Filter Systems